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Custom grazing boxes, boards, and tables artfully curated just for you!

Epic Charcuterie is a company that is rooted in family, with the husband and wife team of David and Beth Mack at the core. Their shared values of “family first” have always been centered around the table of nourishment, even though they each led very successful and separate careers. One night, around that same table, they cooked up the concept of merging their skills and so began their first company Epic Catering.

David Mack brings over 34 years of award-winning culinary experience to the table, which complements Beth Mack’s 27 years of management background in the food and beverage industry. Their passion for gourmet cooking and presentations of the culinary arts is unsurpassed by many, with five-star, five-diamond training in quality and customer service. While Beth was being groomed for front and baok of the house excellence at the finest resorts like Meadowood Resort & Spa, Four Seasons Hotel & Resorts, Disney Grand Hotel, and St. Regis Resorts, David was sharpening his skills at the Ritz Carlton and Four Season Hotels.

In 2002, David and Beth’s career paths intersected at the historic Hotel Laguna of Laguna Beach. David Mack was the Executive Chef and Beth Mack was the Food and Beverage Director. It was at the Hotel Laguna where David and Beth learned to choreograph and sync an exquisite fine-dining experience, paired with an impressive and extensive wine list. It was at the Hotel Laguna where David and Beth were inducted into Chaîne des Rôtisseurs; Beth as a professional member and David as Chef Rôtisseur and Conseiller Culinaire Provincial for the Far West region. David had already competed in the world-renowned gastronomic society, Chaîne des Rôtisseurs’ chef competitions, and was named the Best Young Chef in their national culinary competition in 1996, which opened the door to an international competition in Budapest, Hungary. Together, Beth and David would simultaneously host Chaîne des Rôtisseurs dinner events, banquet services for multiple outlets across the Hotel Laguna property, a high-volume casual oceanfront restaurant, and a lounge/bar with a separate, small-plate menu.

In 2004, David and Beth married and started to grow their family. In 2005, with Beth focusing on the upbringing of their newborn daughter and working various catering events, David made the decision to shift gears in the culinary world and directed his path towards becoming a Corporate Chef and Research & Development Manager for Heinz, and then a Corporate Chef for Kens Foods.

In 2011, David and Beth moved to Portland, Oregon, where David became the Director of Innovation/Corporate Chef for Harry’s Fresh Foods and Beth continued to work multiple high-end private catering events. Four years later, with David and Beth’s family now settled in Oregon with their four children, they decided to merge their career paths by starting their own family business and returning to Chaîne des Rôtisseurs; with Beth as the Bailli of the Portland chapter, and David as the Vice Conseiller Culinaire of the Portland chapter. David and Beth had returned to their roots of five-star quality and customer service, where their creativity, class, precision, passion, and expertise has naturally evolved Epic Catering into existence.

In 2020, the unimaginable happened. The world shut down and they were forced to close their first company and say goodbye to Portland. They moved back to Orange County where David pursed a career yet again as a corporate chef. His company bought a plant in Lancaster Pennsylvania and they moved the family across the United States. It was not long before Beth had a desire to reopen a new company while David focused on his career.

Beth has been focusing her attention creating charcuterie and now has partnered with Breakaway Farm at the Lancaster Central Market. Beth continue to bring 5 star service one board at a time.